Persistent sinus tachycardia with intermittent palpitations

a 51yr old female, obese with no dyslipidemia, normal thyroid profile, and cbc . having persistent tachycardia and intermittent palpitations since a year..serial ecg done shows sinus tachycardia (H.R ~110-115 bpm) woman is hypertensive on azilsartan 40mg od. can we start metoprolol succinate 25mg od in this case or ivabradine 5mg od could be considered?



Need to find cause of tachycardia Consider checking FREE T3, T4 Anxiety causing tachycardia Drugs like amitryptaline, amlodipine Mitral Valve Prolapse , ECHO needed. Hyper dynamic circulation due to anemia ,infection . Sick Sinus Syndrome . Metaprolol can be added to / Substituted for ARB. 24 hour Holter monitor may give extra information about tachycardia.

Thank you doctor

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Adv. Potassium

Within normal range

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