32 years old female K/C/O pharyngitis since 1 week C/o- neck pain, dyspnea, and fever. The patient is otherwise healthy. On examination, tenderness and swelling over the right jugular vein is noted. There is ulceration and erythematous changes in oropharynx H/o- allopathy treatment with Antibiotics 1 week ago for pharyngitis. Prakriti kapha vata & krura koshtha. Can tankan gargles help in such case?




Patient already took the 7 days Antibiotics course Now advise for Septilin 1 tab BD and Punarnavadi Guggulu Along with Kavala and Gandoosh Dharana with Sukoshna Triphala Kashaya (Freshly Prepared) Yes you can also add Tankan in Triphala Kashaya for Kavala/Gandoosh And Talisadi Churna + Madhu for Lehana

Fever, dyspnoea, in today's scenario better to suspect covid-19 and get the patient tested as by now we have seen the virus affects many systems in the body.

Thank you dr. @Nihar Ranjan Mohanty and @Dr. Purushottam. K

Septilin Tab Sualin Tab Lakshmi Vilasa Rasa Nardiya Gojihwadi Kwath Khadiradi Vati Aachushanarth Gargaling with Haridra Namak Mixed Luke warm water.

Ask for Covid-19 test Gargle can help to get relief from related symptoms.

Thank you Madam @Dr. Twara Aashish

Ya it will be helpfull

Rx Belladonna.

Helpful post

Sir...only if we are sure about Negative covid case.. Then Khadiradi vati Lakshmi vilasa ras Septilin tab. / Syrup Kanta sudharaka small tabs. . chewable ones Ask patient to have 6-7 everyday Adv pt for Gandusa with Triphala kashaya or atleast simple luke warm water + salt twice / thrice a day

.1.trifala kwatha ..for gurgling,2.varatika bhasma 500mg with honey paste sprading over inflammed tonsilar area after/ before 1/2 hr eating/drinking any thing TDS.3.inhalation of vapour of mentha+basil+coriander leaf through mouth for 10min...

pomegranate juice citrus fruit pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet beetroot coriander juice ginger decoction of lemongrass ginger crushed pepper haldi,

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