Swelling of the thigh vein ... introduction :- Many times, after giving birth (delivery) of the child, due to the stiffness in the vein of the woman's thigh, the blood flow stops due to which the thighs swell. Swelling of such thighs is called inflammation of the thigh vein. In this disease, the thigh does not become red even after the blood stops. This disease occurs mainly due to the formation of venom in the vein due to the tearing of the skin inside the uterus at the time of delivery. The disease occurs 10–15 days after delivery. Symptoms :- In this disease, pain starts in the ball of the foot first and then the pain increases from the bottom of the foot upwards. With the feeling of stiffness and heaviness in the vein, it becomes swollen and painful. This disease occurs especially in the left leg of the obstetrician. Due to this disease, the obstetrician has difficulty in walking. Sometimes milk comes in the breasts of women after delivery, which is called milk leg disease. the treatment :- In this disease, the child should not walk, should lie on his back and legs should be rested with pillows supported. After every 20 minutes on the leg of maternity, it is beneficial to change the fomentation with hot and cold water. After taking rest in this disease, keep taking complete rest so that the disease can be completely cured. Treatment with various medicines: 1. Pulsatilla- This is the main medicine for this disease. If there is pain in the vein and feel cold at that place. Even after getting cold in the feet, Rogini does not want to keep the feet covered. Pulsatilla 30 should be used in such symptoms. 2. Hamamelis- If there is no benefit from pulse in this disease, Hamamelis 6 should be taken. If blood is collected in the vein, taking Hamamelis 6 is very effective. This drug is also used in hemorrhoids and hemorrhage disease when veins swell and bleed. 3. Bismuth- If there is swelling in the thigh vein, if treatment is not available with Hamamelis and Pulsatilla, 6 potency of Bismuth should be taken. 4. Lycopodium- One vein in the two legs of the legs is called saphena and after delivery there is swelling in this vein which is called swelling of the thigh vein. In this disease, swelling is felt from below. To cure such vein inflammation, Lycopodim 30 should be taken.



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