• Naxvomica 6-6 drops, Aesculus hip 30-6 drops, Lycopodium 6-6 drops, Sulfur 30-6 drops, Aqua - one ounce. Mix them all. This is a quantity. In this way, give three doses daily. In this way, in 8-10 days, piles, constipation, itching and burning sensation in the anus get relief. . Colinsonia 3x - 1 drop, Lemium Alb 3X - 1 drop, Aqua - 1 oz. Mix them. This is a quantity. In this way, giving three times daily is beneficial in piles, chronic constipation, defecation, etc. • Aesculus hip 6–2 drops, Kalkeria flor 6X - 2 grains, Naxvomica 30–2 drops, Haemamelis 3X - 2 drops, Aqua - an Aus. Mix them. This is a quantity. Giving it thrice daily is beneficial in piles. • Calcarea Floor 6X - 15 grains, Magnesia Fos 30X - 15 grains, Negudium americana Q - 30 drops, Aqua - 3 oz. Mix them. These are three quantities. Giving three doses daily is beneficial in the condition of swelling and pain like piles.



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