Pitting oedema in legs prominent veins are seen with complain of low bp no complain of diabetes, low hemoglobin level 6 gm/dl. There is patches also present on whole body patches are centrally silvery and peripheral erythematous




Could be related to bleeding disorder???

Varicosities with ? fungal infection. Rule out hemorrhoids ( H/o bleeding PR). Complete work up for anemia, stool for occult blood venous doppler etc)

Thyroid profile. D/D. iron def anemia. edema may be due to weight . rule out connective tissue ds.

Sir there is one more editing plz rule out it also

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? hypoproteinimea with anemia

Fungal infection (tinea infection) rouleout edems thyroid profile lipids and renal profile check DM Terbinafine ( 250mg) 1bd 1weeks than 3weeks od

Severe anaemia likely iron defiency, with chronic fungal inf centrally healed and peripherally active (Ringworm ). Treat anaemia, oedema will subsides also chronic fungal inf but have to give antifungal also. Also do a thyroid profile.

I think that's not anaemia...... U should check out its blood cholesterol level and T3 T4 level in blood...

Varicose Veins ?........

Ro hypothyroidism, cushiongoid, stop steroids if any. Treat anemia ,teania

1st hb 6 so needs transfusion 2nd sclera is yellow so consider it 3rd pitting edema if unilateral then cause is local but if bilateral then look for cardiac origin Go for Ecg , may be hf due to anemia 4th patches looks like tinea corporis incognito and cercinata This pt must be malnourished and immunocompromised so do complete work up Thnx@dr. Shubham gour

Thanx sir
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