• Naija 6–1 drops, Tarantula cuvensis 30–2 drops, plaginuminum 30–2 drops, aqua - two ounces. Mix them. These are two units. Giving four doses daily is beneficial. . Beubonium 30-1 drops, Belladonna 6-1 drops, Echinacea organ 3X - 2 drops, Aqua - one ounce - mix them. This is a quantity. Giving four doses daily provides relief in plague, dizziness, nervousness, pain in glands, burning sensation etc. • Penicillin 3X - 3 drops, Terrentula cuensis 30-2 drops, Apriculina turpitum 6X - 2 drops, Adrenaline 3x - 2 drops, Aqua - half an ounce - mix them. This is a quantity. Giving three doses daily is beneficial. To the place of residence


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