Planter psoriasis

A 12 yr girl having lesion since 2/3 yrs take rx many of times but no relief Please guide about diagnosis and treatment Chief Complaints Sev itching, scaling of skin History No major illness



PpkD Et exfoliative dermatitis Adv- Tab-Vozet 5mg /Allegra 180mg OD Tab-Rekfa OD for 6 months Tab-Rekskin OD (oral moisturizer) Syrp-multivitamine antioxidant L/a Cutimax lotion Rekfa cream Corticosteroids cream (dipsalic MF ) *Maintain hygine

Palmoplantar keratoderms

Ppkd Local and oral corticosteroids Cleaning of local area with betadine liquid followed by calamine lotion and later on apply moisturizers Look for the cause and avoid it !