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40 yr old man came to us with a cutting machine injury to thumb. pt sustained total amputation of thumb at level of proximal phalanx with ischemia time of 4 hours procedure- Replantation- . Sequnce - 1 .Bench dissection of distal part , identification. and tagging of nevurvascular pedicle . FPL , EPL. Bone shortening 2. Osteosynthesis with uniaxial k wire. 3 . extensor / flexor repair . moved to microscope for further repair 4 . digital nerve repair with 10.0 5 .vein then artery repair with10.0 nylon 6 .loose tagging sutures result at pod 10.. surviving thumb.. with healing raw areas Kind my refer hand injury cases to a plastic surgeon for optimal management.




Rt thumb very important for rt hander Exclusive work done As neurovascular reunion carried out in window period survival of thumb is highly possible doctor this reminds me one of my case where proper steps were not taken and he lost his thumb Later on reconstruction was done and still waiting for prosthesis

Thanx dr Raghuram Menon

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Impressive 50 percent is thumb

Exactly sir , importance of thumb cannot be overstated


Thanks sir

"GREAT SALUTE" to your execellenct skill in this field of surgery

Thank you doctor

A large, deep scrape may take up to 1 to 2 weeks or longer to heal.

Love you Doctor your effort is nice

Thank you doctor

Without thumb all rest 4 fingers are almost use less , you have done a miraculous and marvellous job dr.. Amazing and Brilliant Congratulations..plz update the healing process too

Great job . Very challenging

Extra intelligent approach. My appreciations. You done a marvellous job.

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