please comment on the rashes of 1 day old baby. Normal vaginal delivery with no investigation reports available of mother.



Blue Berry Muffin Rash: various Differential Diagnosis CMV dermal Hematopoiesis neuroblastoma leukemia Langerhans cell histiocytosis hemangioma glomongioma multiple glomous tumor

1 day Infant with Multiple Rashes over Face and body Consistent with Blue Berry Muffin Rash. D/D : CO--GULATION DISORDERS. SEVERE SEPSIS. TORCH INFECTIONS. CONGENITAL SYPHILIS.

Blueberry muffin rash. Exclude TORCH infection... echocardiogram & eye check up needed Could be congenital rubella syndrome.

BBMf baby .antenatal and mother H/o is imp to rule out Rubella or CMV. Treatment may b Ganciclovir 5mg /kg for 10 to 14 day

Blueberry muffins rash.. Do TORCH titre. Look for other congenital Cataract, PDA,

?? Blue berry muffin rash ..intrauterine infections like cmv nd rubella

Blue berry muffin rash Do torch Congenital anomaly

Torch profile baby n mother. CT and fundus

blue berry muffin.. Do TORCH panel

Torch infected mother ?....congenital rubella syndrome .... blue berry muffin radh ...purpuric spots ....good case thankyou :)

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