Please explain ,action of kashaya on cell


Nice question According to ayurveda there is three process in aushada how it will reach the body and give action immediately or slow in progress 1. Ksira dhadi nyaya 2. Khale kapodha nyaya 3. Kedari kulya nyaya Milk converted to dadhi like our system after digestion of aushada it may reach particular part depends all agni bala But in kedari kulya nyaya irrigation of different fields by water in canal rasa to rakta to mamsa like But in khale kapota nyaya means selection of individual field immediately like vajikarana drug works immediately in sukra concept Eka kala dhathu poshana nyaya works single drug works in whole part of the body in different way like rasayana drugs Here I explained according to ayurveda but in modern system explanation waiting for experts view Thank you

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