differencial wbc count


chalo dekhthe haiin kitna hum samja paate haain aapko DC.. so lets try dr for u.. in short: -WBC-job is to fight against microbes,works closely with proteins of immune response, immunoglobulins and complement system. -wbc divided into two groups:phagocytosis and lymphocytes -Neutro..baso..eosino..mono r phagocytes.. they ingest and destroy- pathogens and cell debris -lymphocytes:have the longest life span.. -phagocytes helps in innate immune system and lymphocytes in adaptive immune response. -granulocytes:neutro..baso..eosino.. -agranulocytes:lympho..mono.

Sir my question is lymphocyte for bacterial function and neutrophils is viral or allergic this type of my question please answer

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Mature wbc mentioned sometime we see occasional immature may be seen

Eosinophils and basophills are of same lineage,while rest are of same lineage

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