Please have a look at all photos The pt presented on today morning with c/O pain in Lt eye since yesterday . His uncorrected vn in eacheye was 6/24 . He was found to have astigmatism on retinoscopy, & his pmt is still to be done. There is no discharge in eye . There is no h/O trauma to eye. His fundus is normal. Please Suggest Dx & Rx .


@Dr. Neha Mehrotra @Dr. Lalitha Balla @Dr. Brijesh Gupta @Dr.Abid Shah @Dr. @Prakhar Chaudhary @Dr. Praveen @Dr. Harjeet Singh @Dr. Monika Soni @Dr. Yogesh Malav Respected colleagues. This is an interesting case in the sense that condition is different than the pictures suggest & that is why I have posted this case. The Dx made by all colleagues r as per the pictures suggest ,& everyone seems to be right .Even I had suspected non infective ; & inflammatory disease of the eye . The phlycten like appearing thing is not phlycten as i have seen the pt today only . The temporal white area & congested all other area suggests episcleritis in absence of discharge. But it's not even episcleritis also. I would have missed the real Dx if I had not everted the superior eyelid. When i everted the superior eyelid , a foreign body was found in the subtarsal sulcus ,& it was responsible for the redness & pt's symptoms. So this case suggests that palpebral conjunctiva of superior & inferior lids must be looked for in every pt with red eye or else sometimes a dx may be missed .

So sir, basically, we have to be Sherlock Homes

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@Dr. Monika Soni @Dr. Yogesh Malav @Dr.Abid Shah @Dr. Harjeet Singh @Dr. Lalitha Balla @Dr. Brijesh Gupta @Dr. Praveen @Dr. Prakhar Chaudhary I have replied the answer & request you to refer to the answer.

Pingueculitis. Give low dose steroid with topical NSAID

Pingueculitis. Strt low dose steroids n lubricants. Dds nasal pterygium r sectoral episcleritis.



Is there any relevant significant history? Any autoimmune condition?

No sir .

Looks like phlecten to me. D/D inflamed pigui

Inflamed pinguicula

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It looks like pengueculitis from history and the photos.

From photographs it seems to be a case of Episcleritis. Dx-Steroid & NSAIDs drops.

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