please help me for this case ...what is that and plzz suggest medicine for this.



These are Genital flat warts plus the patient also has chronic fungal infection as can be seen on the thighs on the part where scrotum touches the thighs.... The patient might be having moderate to severe itching in this area. Generally there is no complaint regarding the warts except for the aesthetics. I would advise SEPIA 6 /tds/one week followed by the same BD for second week. Alongwith this give PODOPHYLLUM Q /LA/OD/ one week (and from second week just once daily every alternate day)on each wart only to be applied carefully using a cotton bud, taking care not to apply this on the surrounding skin.

Thank you sir

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1.In first image on scrotum appears like tinea infection 2.on penis it might be molluscum contagiosum.

Sir Rx??

First Are Sebaceous Cyst And Second One Is Genital Warts

Sir they r curable ??? Rx?

Its type of wart Causticum and acid nit

Thuja ,Causticum , nit acid can work kindly give after differentiating it

Thuja 1m single doze cinnaberis 30 TDS locally thuja pomod apply

नाइट्रिक एसिड 6 बैडियेगा 3

First is tinea infection and second is molluscum contagiosum. Give thuja 200 one dose everyday for 2 months and applicatn of thuja tincture on molluscum twice daily

Petroleum 200 weekly alternate cinnaberis 200 sir

I think this nodes due to scabies infection.... Sep 1M repeated dose is best treatment

I hv seen such many cases nd it will take time after that cal fl 6x 4 taba 3 times helpful to remove nideshak which is develop due to fibrosis
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