Please suggest approach toward RHD and its management. Can we consider RHD as Vataj Hridroga?

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RHD IE Rheumatic heart disease as a consequence of rheumatic fever as popularly said it LEAKS KNEES AND BITES HEART So as we see MS MR MYOCARDITIS PERICARDITIS SABE etc Every presentation require different approaches in respective conditions You asked to consider it as VATAJ HRIDROGA yes it can be since rheumatism is under VATROGA and RHD is its manifestations

Thanx dr Shital Jadhav

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RHD Leaks the joints & bites the heart H/O recurring streptococcus throat infection Arthritis flitting in nature Myocarditis Fever Increase ESR CRP + ve ASLO titer more then 200 I u E C G increase P - R interval Treatment is Inj Penicillin & tab Asprin

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