Pleura effusion

Patients serology positive, in past attack with covid-19, After that he feels breathlessness while lying, chest X-ray show pleural effusion about 18cc in sonograpy, but no fluid out. So please suggest further management


Further evaluation HRCT chest

Its because of pulmonary fibrosis due to sequelae of covid. Advice chest physiotherapy

Valuable opinion

CT scan of Lungs could be conclusive. Consult chest physician.

Thank you doctor

There is a possibility of residual fibrosis or ground glass changes - in post Covid status with breathlessness Adv HRCT chest

I agree

Pleural Effusion and Ayurveda snehan swedan basti RX punarnava churn bd gokshur churn bd

Tapping not possible Do cbc ESR mt xray chest Hrct fbs ppbs Cbnat Opinion of chest specialist Start att therpeauticaly

Ecg 2 decho

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It is not much if problem Tapping of fluid


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