Pls interprete the ECG M/65 no chest pain,having occasional tremors on both upper & lower limbs. BP 152/92 PR 98/min

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Normal ECG. Tremor may be due to senile tremor or parkinsonism

Sinus tachycardia. Otherwise occasional tremors.It should rulled out wether on Beta agnostic drugs?

No h/o medication sir.

Sinus tachycardia

ECG looks normal.Tremors may be related to mild hypertension /senile tremors /anxiety neurosis.Treat the cause.

ECG is within normal limits. Tremors may be related to thyroid disease, anxiety disorder, senile or Parkinson disease.

ECG has no relation with the tremors.

ECG normal. Check HTN

Ecg - wnl Check Hb, thyroid function, B12, S.ferrtin

ECG ls normal. Investigate pt. For Thyroidfunction test. Have a possibility of hyperthyroidism.

SR.Normal Axis.Sinus tachycardia.Left atrial dilatation.

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