Pls let me know, Wat is the condition of this belly button. 2 months 10days baby girl

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During the first week -The umbilical cord will dry up slowly during the initial week after birth and it will turn into a dry brown or black stump. The stump will slowly start coming off after 7-10 days and then finally come off altogether. The belly button that forms as a result will look like an open sore, but it will not look red or infected During the first few week -The open sore of the belly button will heal slowly during the first 2-4 weeks after delivery and it should be healed completely by the time your baby turns 2 months old. Rarely, it may take longer than 2 months to close. In around 20% of the newborn babies, an umbilical hernia may develop, which is a bulge that is caused by the umbilical cord as it enters the abdomen of the baby. After birth of the baby, the abdominal opening usually heals and closes spontaneously. The opening may not close occasionally and a bulging belly button may develop especially during the bowel movements. These hernias usually heal by themselves by around 12 to 18 months An umbilical granuloma is a moist, red lump of tissue that can form on a baby's navel (belly button). It can be seen in the first few weeks of life, after the umbilical cord has dried and fallen off. ... Use surgical thread to tie off the granuloma at its base. Rx - Small umbilical granulomas usually respond to silver nitrate application. Large umbilical granulomas or those that persist after silver nitrate treatment require surgical excision. Omphalomesenteric remnants and urachal remnants require surgical excision.

Umbilical granuloma with omphalitis Give a course of antibiotics for 1 week and then cauterization with silver nitrate

Umblical granuloma. Surgical spirit swab cleaning. Common salt granules sprinkliling once or twice.

I will keep remanant of VI duct in mind if granuloma does not heal

Umbilical granuloma


Umbilical granuloma. Apply common salt twice a week in granuloma.No need of giving antibiotic.

Umbilical granuloma.

Umbilical granuloma Silver nitrate


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