Plz give suggestions for treatment

continue prolapse problems my treatment not effective plz give further treatment suggestions History Prolapse in Gir cow round the gestation period and during oestrous period from one year When animal stand prolapse removed Management Treated with inj calcium borogluconate inj megludyne inj duraprogen inj amoxyrum forte and feed supplements no results found



Allow animal on slopy flore at about 45degreehead down and back portion upward , Inj progestron every month till parturation, Light diet Sweet oil orally about500ml Laxative diet must be given Oesteocalcium 50ml perday given till parturation, Tress can be apply,

M tried but no result if any other plz suggest

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Sir please check the condition of that floor, sloppy floor shd be corrected immediately to avoid further damage of uterus etc. Feeding also to be assessed and be given at divided part.