Plz give ur suggestions... Pts chief complain is swelling... No such pain in that area.. no such tender was felt in tooth 21 ,11 .... Pt gives a history of tooth brush trauma about 2 months back... All haemotological findings are normal...iopa shows complete root resorption of 21..



Would suggest to go for Antibiotic coverage and to to I & D after that would suggest extraction followed by curatage of the site . After proper healing to go for deep scaling and SRP . Before doing all this please take an Iopa of the anterior region and to educate the patient about his existing condition , reason , Elicit medical history and advice for further treatment . That's my view on to this . Thanks

Sir the involved tooth in swelling r discolored, indicating total pulpal necrosis, definitely there is a periapical pathology associated with these teeth, better to remove these teeth n give crevicular incision and drain the pus, irrigate with betadiene , do thorough curettage n remove all granulation tissue,

Its all because of poor oral hygiene. Go for extraction with proper antibiotic coverage and at the same time do proper curetage of that area.

Extract the 11 and 21... and educate the patient about oral hygiene... depending on patient economical condition and status of 12 and 22... you can plan implants or bridge and kindly check for occlusion for sure...patient oral hygiene is very bad please suggest oral prophlaxis

I.n.d for swelling .extract both centerals put implants and please take 100 rupees notes only

Patient might give rs 50 for extraction

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Check occlusion

Seems a case of periapical abscess... 21 is resorbed, extraction is necessary n try to drain the abscess with an incision on fluctuant part of swelling perform all procedure under antibiotic n analgesic coverage. After this perform rct with 11 22 n if necessary 23 also.

Periapical abcess due to resorption n thr might b history of trauma. Antibiotic coverage and I n D. Extraction n currettage.

Periapical abscess qad 21 Extraction 11,21

Doctor, if it resorption... Extraction is required. Please upload IOPA. give antibiotic coverage.. Do IND... followed by extraction.

I agree mam.... But i tried to do it as 21 canal is completely exposed but no discharge was seen....days the concerning thing..

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