plz inrprt.. 39yrs old lady with chest pain b.p. 210/120 mmofhg Dx and T t



Sinus rhythm, regular, 75 bpm, Axis - normal, RWP - good, ST depression with T inversion in lead L2, L3, aVF, V4, V5 and V6. Inferolateral wall ischaemia.

ECG. ST depressed in inferior lead but it is Hypertensive ECG change. Possibility of secondary hypertension. Do 2D.ECHO AND lab.investigation

St depression with T wave inversion in inferiolateral leads Control BP & Do serial ecg Check Troponin

Inferolateral ischemic changes...nstemi..send cardiac markers..give loading dose..start nitroglycerin i.v at 5mcgs/min if b.p persistent above 140..echo to look for RWMA..repeat ecgs.. look for signs of heart all other routine blood investigations.. lipid profile

Hypertension ischaemia inferolateral Give BB, DIURETIC,CCB , STATINS Tab Isordil 5 mg S. L. Stat

St depression inf lateral lead Acute angina

Lvh with strain pattern

Treat as acs with nstemi... load antilplatelets .. statin.. start ntg infusion... send trop I and other routine investigation ... cag /ptca May be required

LVH strain pattern Htn urgency Check out thyroid function , renal artery doppler

St-t depression in inferiolat.leads, adv:control bp,trop t,serial ekg

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