Plz suggest Dx and Rx

No any history Chief Complaints Some 20yr ago. Carosine oil fell from patient back side. And that area skine blackis. But now this area itching and smoll smoll pimpals. History No any H/o Vitals Normal



Lichen planus Keratanized eczema Psoriasis

Kitchen planus Steroid cream Tb betnasol Tb cpm Moisteization to skin

Post burn hypertropic scar. Apply mahamarichadi tail. And haridrakhand churna 1tsf. Bd with milk. Gandhak rasayan tab 2 tab bd. Mahamnjistharist 3tsf bd. And for relif in itching. Tab. Histafree 180 mg 1 Hs. For 3 days.

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Post burn hypertrophic scar

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