plz suggest the medicine .....symptoms is much itching with burning...



THIS IS TINEA CRURIS....This is a deep rooted miasm...If he has messed up with ointment apppears....It has gone to Tinea Incognito....have patience...Hang on till you get may need On totality...Nux Staph Petr, Bacil,Rt, Dulc, Lyco, Sulph Ars, RR, RV, Tel...Tinea-1m

Sir after the medicine use symptoms disappear then again reappear after some time..

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dr sandeep tiwari... the case you posted is Ring worm.. in homeopathic bacilinum 1m weekly 1 dose. cassia sop Q mix with olive oil and use for external use hsl bio com33 daily 3 times 4+4+4 gives results. follow diet restriction. thank you

Seems like Tenia... Give.... Ars alb 200 (1) dose...

Just give injection avil for quick relief and start Atarex 10 BD Tab Prednisolone 5 BD Tab Levocetrizine TDS And for local apply give him lobate GM. If he have local area infection also

Describe full case


fungal infection

fluconazol. .. antihistamine dexa

Althrocin 500 BD Levocetrizine TDS Prednisolone 20 BD lobate GM apply injection Genta 2ml

burning after itch sulphur may be

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