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Absent Sensorium

PMCCC26122020 19 month male arrived with c/o loss of sensorium with GCS E1V1M1 ,pupils PER slugish RL, Chest b/l not clear ,P/A soft normal contour without organomegalae, Cracked pot sign present, I°P°Ln°Cy°Cl° Urine @0.8ml/kg/hr H/o mad dog bite 1 month before vaccinated within 1-2hrs of bite HPI before 11 december child was healthy playfull afterward fever with multiple GTCS activity ,alterd sensorium ,dyspnea, tachypnea, after 16 december loss of sensorium occured ,,arrived here with continued loss of sensorium Vanco,ceftriaxone,meropenem going on Ddx Septic meningitis with selective proteinurea Kindly add your valuable opinion



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LAMA,,,,,,,,, ..................

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Now seizure free? Add inj.dexa and inj acyclovir.... Vaccination status? Any recent history of dogbite? Child resident area state, district? Which is endemic for JE? AF closed?? Send clear neuroimaging picture

LAMA,,,,,,,,, ..................

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