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Traumatic Brain Injury

PMCCC30082020 4yr old female 13 kg fall from hight f/b vomiting episodes arrived in IPD GCS V3E2M3 Pupils mid dilated equal slugish reactive photophobic Sensorium alterd Movements restricted Planned for CT cranium with C xray with blood tests Inj ceftriaxone,NS,Mannitol,Dexona,Paracetamol and encorate going on with aciloc vomikind I will attach reports soon DDX TBI 1.what and how are the chances for TBI to convert to patchymeningitis or leptomeningitis? Which organism likely can invade? 2.kindly add your valuable opinion Thanks


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TBI discharged on 3rd day of admission

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H/o fall from height suggest h/o fever and headache,so no chance of patchymeningitis or leptomeningitis.

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TBI discharged on 3rd day of admission

Treat on the lines of raised ict. Urgent CT head is required. An active intracranial bleed is the main concern which will require urgent surgical intervention.

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