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PMCCC30082020 5 day male 1.2kg arrived with c/o floppiness pallor tachypia rigidity and oedema of extremities(sclerema?) H/o tachypnea with SCR with episodes of GTCS,,premature delivary Vitals were unstable tachypnic with SCR placed on vent I°P+Ln°Cy°Cl° Urine stool passed SpO2 98% PR 134BPM P/A soft CRT 3-4 sec AF Normal Reports awaited will be added soon 2nd DOA Stiffness of whole body What could be chances of sclerema in this case Started pipzo and colistin Vitals stable on vent activity very poor Kindly add your valuable opinion


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DAMA on day 5th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Probably a case of neonatal sepsis. VLBW babies are at high risk. Sepsis can lead to acidosis which results in respiratory distress. Seizures can also occur in sepsis. Treat aggressively with antibiotics else you might have to face pulmonary hemorrhage if condition worsens.

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DAMA on day 5th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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