Aconite 30-2 drops, Bryonia 30-2 drops, Sulfur 30-1 drops, Sugar of Milk-30 grains. Mix them all together. These are three units. Thus, giving three units per day is beneficial. • Lycopodium 30-1 Bund, Sunguneria 30-1 Bund, Arsenic Iod 3X - 3 grains, Aqua - One ounce. Mix them. Smelly phlegm is useful in acute conditions. • Bryonia 30-2 drops, Phosphorus 30-2 drops, Aqua - 1 oz. Mix them. This is a quantity. In this way, give three units daily. • Chelidonium 30-2 drops, Natrum sulf 30-1 drops, Justicia adhatoda 3X - 1 drop, Sugar of milk - 5 grains. This is a quantity. Thus, giving four doses daily helps in symptoms like yellow-green phlegm in pneumonia, yellow scum on the tongue. Phosphorus 30-1 drops, Sulfur 30-1 drops, Epicac 30-2 drops, Antim Tart 6X - 2 drops, Senega Q - 4 drops, Aqua-2 oz. Mix them. These are two units. Giving four units daily is beneficial.



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