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A 29 year old female has been having high grade fever in morning and evening like 101, 102, cough with expectoration from last 5 days, mild breathlessness Investigations RT PCR is negative One CXR is of 2nd April, And second is of 4th April with its report too Complete fever panel with CBC reports awaited I am also thinking to advise for sputum for AFB and CBNAAT too if all reports are normal Management Meanwhile, what Abs would be best to start her on? Clindamycin plus cefuroxime or Clindamycin plus cefpodoxime ??



These xrays are showing typical GGOs bilateral Pattern of fever is indicative of viral infection It is a c/o covid19 pneumonitis bilateral Rt pcr may turn positive any day Check cbc esr crp sr ferritin and D-dimer Adv hrct This pt should be treated under ICMR protocols and in ipd

Thanx dr Shoaib Diwan

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Repeat RT -PCR . Clindamycin + cefuroxime will be better and adding azithro 500mg of will give more better result . Protocols set by ICMR must be followed till prove otherwise. HRCT advisable with RT-PCR .

Thanks Dr Kute Ankush

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Better to repeat SARS COV2 RTPCR. Clindamycin + Cefuroxime will be a better combination to begin with. I personally begin with Tab Cefpodoxime CV + Azithromycin/Doxy while awaiting results.

Adv CECT thorax and sputum examination with swab RT PCR for SARS cov 2.


Tnx Dr Shoaib Diwan

In my opinion (Amoxicillin with Clauvinic acid) is better till all investigations completed . Most probably it is Bronchitis with URTI only.pls examine throat & cervical lyphadenopathy also. Later pt's Deeply coughed Sputum sample may be sent for C/S if AFB is negative.

Cough is due to Bronchitis? Fever is viral Combination of cefixime and ofloxacin and levocetrizine montilukast will work

Pure case of rt basal effusion Tapping cbnat Hrct Bilateral calcified foci Rt PCR must

Rt basal hypodense in favor of rt pneumonitis

Ad HRCT thorax Sputum exam for A F B & RT For SARS COV 2

X Ray chest is pointing to Covid 19 Adv RT PCR for Covid 19

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