Polycystic ovaries symptoms

A 29-year-old woman and her partner were presented with primary infertility. They stopped using condoms, two years ago and have regular intercourse since then. Both of them have no previous medical history. Her period occurs every 31-46 days and can be heavy at times but painless. There is no intermenstrual or postcoital bleeding. She takes no medication. Her scan reports are attached. What can be the possible diagnosis?




Painless menstrual bleeding is stongly suggestive of anovulatory cycles Which is the reason of infertility in this case but as already provided in history that it is a case of primary infertility.. N usg is suggestive of multiple cyst in ovary.. Patient should b diagnosed for pcod acc to rotterdam diagnostic criteria.. N acc to it suitable measures to b taken to increase fertility...

Maninder, I appreciate your answer.

Typical case of PCOS If pt is obese then at reduction Metformin Induction of ovulation with cc or letoval Increase the dose of cc or letoval as the follicular study Regular exercise s & yoga Pt's hormone profile Husband's semen analysis Add Dhea tab sos

PCOD. Needs further investigations and evaluation to conclude diagnosis and line of treatment.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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PCOD...in USG. S.TSH,S.Prolactin HSG Start Folic acid. Myo-inositol Go for ovulation induction.

Necklace pattern of ovary is suggestive of PCOD

Usg showing PCOS, Whicb is a sign if anovulatory cycles, Go for thyroid profile, FS, prolactine, HSG, till dn can give folic acid with uterine tonic.. maintain the health of pt..


Pcod multiple small follicle suggestive for pcod .. r/o hormone test , bmi weight management

Regularize her periods

Scan shows multiple cyst in the ovary pcod

Polycystic ovaries

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