POSOLOGY:- In non-coughing COVID-19 1) If score is upto 4 :- OPIUM 1m 2 hourly for 8-10 day. 2) If score is upto 5-9:-OPIUM 10m weekly 2 doses. With OPIUM 1m 1 or 2 hourly for 8-10 days. 3) If score is 9-15:- OPIUM 50m weekly 2 doses. With OPIUM 1m 1/2- 1 hourly for 8-10 days. .. In coughing covid -19 good choice of potency was LOBELIA SYPHILITICA 1m. There was no availability of 10m so I was limited for max score 9 only WHY TO REPEAT DOSES:- As COVID-19 is ACUTE SLOW DEEP (FETAL) ACTING AND PATIENTS ARE QUARANTINE WE PREFER TO REPEAT DOSES. For query comment YouTube channel Dr. Sanjay Abhale


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