Post cataract surgery. Patient's vision not improving. AS OCT of the patient. Explain the findings and give diagnosis.



Desmets membrane detachment probably in the pupillary axis leading to post op non resolving corneal oedema and subsequent poor vision. management includes reattchment of DM with the help of injection of c3f8 gas...

it's corneal oedema secondary due to either endothelial cells dystrophies(preexisting) and damage intraopeeatively and another reason. is descemets membrane detachment

Descemet's membrane detachment in Centra cornea. Management: Firstly tried to re-attach with total air bubble in anterior chamber. Pupil should be dilated while air bubble in anterior chamber. If it fails, suture descemetopexy with air bubble can be done. Last resort is DSEK.

It is corneal oedema most commonly due to dm detachment intraoperatively please give a course of oral steroids with tapering doses and also inject air into the ac .

Endothelial damage intraoperatively causing stromal corneal edema with an area of dm detachment

descemets detachment inject airing AC

Intraoperative descemet detachment with corneal odema.

DM detachment in visual axis.. go for air injection

DD at pupillary axis

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