thromboembolism post covishield

POST COVID VACCINATION COMPLICATION Male aged 83 yrs nondiabetic but hypertensive for long time on antihypertensive we ll controlled on ARB reported with h/o "COVISHIELD" 1st dose on 9th march 2021 C/o nominal body pain and fever in following 2days but recovered Reported for fever again last week with throat irritation hence subjected to RT pcr which was negative But3days back c/o weakness rt upper limb with pain along ulner side Found sluggering of speech and weakness rt lower limb with gait Subjected to MRAscan brain which was informative Your findings and comments Vitals are normal Pt is taking domiciliary treatment



Post vaccination cerebral thrombosis.. Dr.Saab you are the best answer of the question

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Post vaccination development on in 4th week is significant as pt developed stroke due to clot

@ dr Manorama Rajan your opinion about this case