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Post covid19-physiotherapy role....

Pt came to us for rehabilitation post covid...without brain involvement. She was in icu for 1 month and struggled to live again....on 13 may she discharge from hospital with zero movement and fully dependent on staff nurses. Chief Complaints She is not able do anything without support on bed 24 hrs,sitting not possible even 1 minutes with support . History Covid19 pneumonia Vitals Diastolic pressure down near by 60 mmhg O2 levle 85 (with concentrator ) HR 100 Physical Examination Muscle power 2 for limbs Pain in neck Feeling giddiness during turning Speech disturbed Want to sleep 2r hrs ADLS on bed.... Urine pipe was there Diet in liquid.... Sensory disturbance in leg and hand Grip were poor Bedsore present at heel or lateral malleolus both side. Swelling at feet both side Investigations Already done... Diagnosis Muscle weakness post covid Management Goals Short term goal... Pain Muscle power Muscle training .. Strenthening done for limbs Spinal Muscle Pnf done Posture training Breathing exercises Long term ..... Balance and coordination Walking Proprioception training Functional training ... After 45 days she is Walking independently....


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thanku all for ur suggestion and learning....

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Wel done , yes proper PT can cure many types of disabled persons. It's a important part of modern treatment.

Thank you doctor

Chest & Limb physiotherapy Incentive spirometry Calcirol help to cure post covid weakness Controll GRBS level after treatment of covid(Glucosteroids) can cause mucormycosis

thanku all for ur suggestion and learning....

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