Post fracture rehabilitation

50 yr old female, reported fall causing fracture 2 months ago, was managed in plaster cast for 2 months. The xray attached is post plaster removal 3 days ago.. What is the further management ?

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Joint doesn't look normal Is it a Polio limb ? Also rule out pathological fracture Fracture appear to be uniting There are fragments impinging patella Further management depends on pre injury functional levels and knee movements CT evaluation will help in planning further

Thank you Doctor.. very valuable inputs.. will let you know regarding polio and pre-injury levels..

Encourage range of motion exercises for 1 week and start wt bearing with the help of walking aid.. fracture union was there. Coming to knee joint severe osteoarthritis condition is there my suggestion is if pt is affordable or any health insurance coverage go for knee arthroplasty considering her age.

Thank you doctor

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