Post lscs Cardiomyopathy Reduced ef 40%

Your opinion Chief Complaints Sudden onset of ghabrahat with breathlessness Vitals Bp 160/100 Hr 102/min Spo2-78% Rr 36/min Afebrile Physical Examination Cns dull Cvs Techiecardia Investigations Echo revealed cardiomyopathy with reduced ef 40% Management High flow oxy Antihypertensive Ppi Iv antibiotics Antianginal Diuretic History Lscs 2 days back Diagnosis Post lscs/cardiomyopathy/reduced ef 40%



This is peripartum cardiomyopathy. It should be managed by oxygen,antihypertensive, iv antibiotics, iv diuretics, low dose ecosprin, low molecular weight heparin and dioxin. Cardiologist opinion should be taken to manage these kind of patients.

Thank you doctor

Further make investigation regarding Cardiomyopathy Please consider taking an ECG And Liver function tests to rule out the cause for Epistaxis Show the patient the way to stop the nose bleeding -Sitting upright, leaning slightly forward and pinching both nostrils shut for 5 to 10 minutes may help stop a nosebleed. -Repeating these steps may also help. Good case Doctor! Thank you...

Thank you doctor

Where is ECG?

It appears to be peripartum or postpartum CM.No such entity is mentioned.

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