Post menopausal, case of Hypothyroidism, having sudden onset sweating on/off, Is it hot flushes?


DD Menopausal hot flushes Over dosage of thyroxin Suggest Thyroid profile. If TSH is abnormally low, thyroxine dosage may be reduced . Underlying DM, or prediabetes with hypoglycemic episodes can cause sweating. Neurological conditions causing autonomic disturbances can cause excessive sweating.

Check thyroid hormones. If normal than can be attributed to hot flushes

Hot flashes are features of menopause yes a c/o hypothyroidism can also appriciate the hot flashes Try flavonoids

Can be due to menopause or thyroid disease. TFT and RBS should be done. Tell her to drink oral fluids adequately and wear light clothes. Avoid spicy food and too much coffee.

May be r/0 ihd hypoglycemia T3t4tsh

Yes, but must scrutinize Thyroid Peofile

Check sugar,ECG,TFT.

Sweating on/off , nausea & Vomiting . Same Symptom patient in Clinic

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