Post menopausal hot flushes

52/y/o female reached menopause 2 years ago. Has complain of hot flushes, dryness all over the body and sometimes mouth ulcers since 1 year. No H/o any systemic disease Her recent hormonal investigations are normal Prakriti Kapha Pitta Agni tikshna Mala samanya Jihva Lipta



Hot flushes usually affect women who are approaching the menopause and are thought to be caused by changes in your hormone levels affecting your body's temperature control. They can happen without warning throughout the day and night, but can also be triggered by: eating spicy foods. caffeine and alcohol.

Shatavari is good.. n counselling as well

Utitone tonic Septilin tab 2tds Aarogyavardhini tab Amritarist Inv..cbc mp widal sgpt s creatinin rbs ppbs Uri rutin

इस आयु में वात प्रकुपित हो जाना स्वाभाविक है। चिकित्सा,,, रोगी को स्नेहन कराएं।

Shatavari . chandanasava sarivadyasva suta shekar rasa kamaduda (plain ).


Belladonna, calcarea carb may helpful

Vitamin deficiency

Rx medorrhinum 1m

Rx. Lachesis 200

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