Post op Umblical hernia with vomitings

A 55 year old male pt who has been operated for umbilical hernia - anatomical repair presented on pod 15 with Chief Complaints Pain abdomen ,abdominal distension, obstipation and bilious vomitings since 2days Vitals Stable vital signs with PR -90/min Physical Examination Distended abdomen with tenderness periumblically &hypogastric regions Investigations Suggest the workup and management of the pt



Diagnosis ? Adhesive intestinal obstruction ? Recurrence of hernia causing intestinal obstruction Adv CECT abdomen and pelvis

Post op billious vomiting suggestive perforation or obstructive CBD Distended abd suggest peritonitis Usg abdomen Ct abdomen Cbc and urine Pt may require reopening of abdomen and salvage the situation

Thank you doctor

Emergency management. Nil orally. Xray Abdomen in standing position to rule out Ac. Obstruction with perforation. Surgical intervention.

CECT w/a,

I agree

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