Post radiation reaction only with 12 radiations What to next?



This appears to be Oro cutenious fistula following treatment of Ca. cheek. Treatment to be continued,Surgical correction to be planned which may need wide excision including hemiperesis mandibulectomy if the growth is involving the bone.

No any surgical intervention right nw becz local immunity will be low. manage with regular dressing and give radio protectors lik radivera lotion and anti oxidant, anti biotics continue RT later will see abt surgical review

can u continue RT in Orocutaneous fistula ?

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Get CT scan with contrast. Look for extent of tumour kindly rule out non-resectibility like pterygoid plate infiltration. in such case go ahead with composite resection and reconstruction either by free fibula or double paddled PMMC flap

First of all It is not a radiation reaction Secondly, it is a orocuraneous fistula formed due to extensive disease of gb sulcus or buccal mucosa involoving the skin Treatment Complete radiation treatment Care of wound Oral hygiene maintainance Lots of liquids We can insert ryle tube to enhance the feed

Seems to be forming an oro-cutaneous fistula. Ca cheek. Needs wound care, completion of his RT to control the malignancy followed by a flap reconstruction.

Oro- cutaneous fistula, advised V& s of discharge, after completion of radiotherapy, surgical management.

Orocutaneous fistula . Flap reconstructive surgery after radiation therapy. Take woundcare Panchwolkal ghrtut locally .

Flap reconstruction after radiotherapy is over

seems to be a orocutaneous fistula. after completion of rt .apply full thick skin graft

Regular wound care, c&s from discharge, orocutaneous fistula would require flap after completion of radiotherapy.

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