Posting this one for the benefit of the students in the forum. Spotter, Typical location, long duration, painless and slowly getting bigger... DD & Rx?



Sebaceous cyst occur on hairy areas,not on palms and soles of feet. Black dot in the centre of seb.cyst is seen which is blocked opening of seb.gland soft,cystic,painless May get infected,ulcerated.Treatment is excision with its wall. Dermoid cyst occur since birth or may be seen later at bony junctions. It is painless, cystic,putty like. Most common at angle of eyes as in this case,or post auricular or scalp midline. No punctum on its skin.Treatment is excision with its wall.As it may have some part intracranially,CT scan must be done prior to excision.

Dermoid cyst. Plan for excision after doing a CT scan to know its extent. Excision should be done in toto with out rupturing its capsule to avoid reoccurrence

Dermoid cyst.. CT scan to look for possible intracranial extension along suture line...complete excision without spillage of content shd be done...

Dermoid cyst: a teratoma of a cystic nature that contains an array of developmentally mature, solid tissues. Treatment: Excision in Toto. Rupture of capsule will cause recurrence. Imaging done to rule out extensions.

Dermoid cyst

Diagnosis : Dermoid cyst typical location : along frontozygomatic suture line. Approach to management : Clinical exam: Anterior : smooth, well circumscribed, subcutaneous, painless mass, posterior aspect palpable. Posterior : if orbital extension present and posterior aspect not palpable, may cause globe displacement, visually significant ptosis and diplopia if grow to large size. CTscan : to rule out ntra orbital extension. (dumbbell dermoids) Treatment : Surgical excision in Toto to be done is removal is done with intact cyst wall without iatrogenic rupture which otherwise cause leakage of cystic contents into the orbit can cause significant inflammation and increase chances of recurrence. surgical approach : Anterior orbitotomy through superior eyelid crease incision sent the excised cyst for histo- pathology examination for confirmation.

If cyst moves freely over bone total excision

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it's a dermoid cyst

dermoid cyst, CT scan to look for an extension , Mx - excision in Toto without rupture, rupture may cause recurrence.

Dermoid cyst

dermoid cyst

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