postnatal case what. is this ? pt died within hr after expeltion of placenta .



Looks like a a case of complete inversion of the uterus with placenta still attached to the inverted fundus. Cause of death could be neurogenic shock.Morbidly adherent placenta has to be ruled out as a cause of inversion.

l do agree with the answer

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i had similar case. that was a second gravida. i did repositioning. but she had severe atonic pph, couldn't be corrected with medical measure. she went in to shock. anaesthetist told us to go for hysterectomy, not to conservative measures and she's already in established shick. v discussed with the bystanders , arranged and transfused blood and blood products, did hysterectomy. now that pt is safe

Uterine inversion with placenta in situ. Patient died of neurogenic shock . We had two patients with complete uterine inversion minutes after deliveries. We reposed the uterus immediately with placenta in situ. Placenta removed later and in both the cases there were uneventful recoveries .

Uterine inversion with adherent placenta. Death Due to neurogenic shock. Mismanaged third stage of labour - most likely the cause. If this case was due to adherent placenta, traction should not be given to pull the placenta. she should have been shifted to OT for manual removal of placenta under GA. If still not possible, options of leaving the placenta in situ and inj. Methotrexate Or hysterectomy

if its not an adherent placenta, remove it and try repositioning. if it's not possible go 4 emergency lapRotomy, and go 4 sugical conservative measures. if that to failed then go for hysterectomy. these things should be done without wasting time. mean while v need to arrange blood and blood products and do massive transfusion

thank you .

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Invension of uterus

complete uterine inversion. pt died of neurogenic shock.

It is acute inversion of uterus . I have had a similar case we separated the placenta pushed the uterus back packed it all under anesthesia with blood transfusion .my patient is it is worth trying unless it is adherent

inversion. deathay be due to shock... neurogenic/hypovolumic .

morbidly adherent placenta causing acute inversion of uterus. improper management of 3rd stage of labour?

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A case of morbidly adherant placenta with ut inversion. Had a similar case a year back . Prompt treatmen with blood 7 units with em hysterectomy. Pt survived.

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