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Potency selection and repetition of medicine Potency selection only learning by patients by fine observation of doctors 1---High potency(1M,10M,etc)--- Mental symptoms analysis and Dream analysis ,patient is sensitive gives high potency in single dose when mild symptoms occurs.High potency never prescribed only general mental symptoms 2---Medium potency(200)---General mental symptoms ,peculiar symptoms ,Dreams without analysis etc 3---Lower Potency(30)---General symptoms , common symptoms of diseases 4---Lowest Potency(1X to 12 X)---Pathological symptoms dominant and irrevesible pathology and you not selected similimum ,only short time use otherwise they aggravated the others symptoms of patient, proving of medicine occurs in patients even pathological structure changes 5---Mother Tincture(Q)---Always harmful and produce side effects ,used only last stage of patient where vital force not stimulating by minutes doses only short periods in acute diseases only ,never used in chronic cases Acute cases - Similimum Single remedy 200 potency in single dose gives relief in 15 to 20 minutes if relief not occurs it means you not selected similimum according to symptoms of patient so please change the remedy, repetition of one medicine is wasteful Chronic case - Selected similimum Mild cases - single remedy ,single doses in medium or high potency Moderate or severe - Firstly treated moderate or severe complaints by acute methods




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Potency Selection & Repetition of Medicine. Thanks for sharing.

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Informative, but any potency can work if symptoms similarity present. Specially if mind similarity present.

Nice information Useful Post. Selection of potency is also based on miasam.