Pregnancy with uterine fibroid

Female age 3o yr conceived after 13 yr of marriage Lmp 28/5/21 Chief Complaints Mild bleeding in morning Vitals Normal Management What will be management??

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- Nothing Doing - Ignore fibroid ,let the pregnancy to be continue as normal one

Advise bed rest Conservative treatment Folic acid 1bd Progesterone

Thanks Dr. Priyanka Gupta

Rule out subchorionic hematoma, coagulopathy, h/o trauma, travel, coitus..give inj progesterone, advice bed rest.

Thank you doctor

Observation Bed rest Haematinics Avoid coitus Regular Vulval sanitary pads inspection for any continued bleeding Mild sedative

Continue pregnancy... Inn hcg 5000 i'm evry 15 days Tab folvit 5 mg xod Tab levorab dsr x od

Rest in bed, Progesterone, Folic acid.