Homeo. Dr's Prescribe Homeo. remedies to cases of Ayur./Unani Dr's. How it helps Ayur./Unani Dr's?




Dear Dr. Twara Aashish mam, If a doctor tags other specialties in his case, then surely he want's other pathies view on it. It might not be the medicines but for the diagnosis or management as whole AYUSH system follows a holistic approach & the management & the probable causes discussed gives the doctor a better understanding of the case. If I post a case of Haemorrhoids & tag Ayurveda & Unani in it, then I might not be looking for specific ayurvedic or unani medicines but for the common food items that must be avoided in it & other management procedures. If I specifically wants a Homeopathy Doctor view then I will not tag any other pathy in my case, so that the case will not be visible to any other pathy Doctor. With this logic only, I sometimes post a skin disorder case in Dermatology specialty, just to know the diagnosis & management & most important prognosis of the disease. Many Derma specialist will write their medicines which are not useful for me for treatment purpose but it gives me the knowledge of the commonly used allopathic drugs for that condition which my patient would have taken before coming to me. Thanks for raising this issue mam.

And when a homeopathic doctor prescribes with complete details of probable causes, it surely gives Ayurveda & Unani Doctors a view about the causative factor which must be managed in that case. Simply righting the medicine name is of no use.

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Point... Mam... I'm quite confused

Confused about?

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Doctor, could you please elaborate on your reply to understand better

Madam, I also follow homeopathic case presentations, I look for ayurvedic management for the same, different approach enhance our knowledge....

Very true, but when a homoeopathic doctor writes give after differentiating..... Or asks for homoeopathic case history....

So what to do?

Any doctor prescribing any other pathy medicines than the one he is registered for, to the patient is an Offence. So, they can help other pathy Dr's for proper diagnosis, advice missing investigations, auxillary measures and share your opinions.