Prescription Writing - Abbreviation errors

Do you agree with this? Plz, write down your opinion below.



Yes , I agree with the fact maximum errors annually due communication failure so many other factors are responsible for all this mess up. Lack of education ,valid prescription no followed Strictly , self Medication ,quacks and work load on doctors , chemist no adhering to norms and last but not least non execution of law or no enforcement agencies is there to look after involvement of politician in every aspect of medical fields.

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I agree no abbreviations should be in practice as certainly that will save the life As abbreviations of drugs or diagnosis both are not good and interpretations can be according to indiuals which will create owes and confusions and play with life

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Agree with the medifacts. Need to improve Training, Communication and HABITS to all clinical health care providers and patients with caretakers.

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There is a miscommunication between the doctor and the patient which lead to increase in the abbreviation errors. The patient is not educated and he feels an inferiority complex to ask the medico instead the patient lands up asking the chemist. But those doctors who havean ethical practice they don't do such errors

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Yes ,Agree, Communication between Doctors/Health Providers & Patients & their attendants is very important factor for successful tt. Pts usually do not understand the doctors abbreviations mentioned in prescriptions like sos,hs, pc etc.Meaning of these abbreviations must be explained to pts & attendants.

Yes I agree., Communication skills are a must for Doctors Still Patients too don't ask general doubts they have., Most patients of today's generation comes to hospital after doing a google search of half read articles which are not enough to define the medical field., I think it's the mistake of both patients as well as Doctor. Interms of Non Compilance....

Agree .. We should write each and every thing on prescription very clear and concise . That should be easy for Pt.

Yes all may not know of new abbreviations...and may be mistakened also..and most of all the Doctors writing should be clear and Becomes very difficult to read and may be subject to complications coz inspite of reimbursement..the patient suffers...

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