Present snc 5-6 yr There is No history of trouma no others complaints Frim on press, there is No sensation in nodules. Dx & Rx



It is said, any swelling near or above the ear is considered to be pleomorphic adenoma; if not specified otherwise. If the swelling is raising the ear lobule also, it's pleomorphic adenoma. Retromandibular groove is obliterated? Investigation- FNAC, Biopsy, CT scan, MRI Also h/p, it has a diverse histopath and easy to recognize. Rx- Lazy 'S' incision. Enucleation is not done as it may lead to recurrence. Other d/d- Warthin tumor(Adenolymphoma). Mucoepidermoid carcinoma. Adenoid cystic carcinoma

In pleomorphic adenoma u need superficial parotidectomy And about taking any incision first have to see for facial nerve preservation

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Parotid gland tumour, advised FNAC.

Benine hypertrophy of parotid gland . Left parotid gland increased in size since more than 6 years . Pt is very comfortable no pain , no fever . No dry ness of mouth no bad foul smell sence in the oral cavity . No tenderness on palpation . Any parotid malfunctioning we have to see . Any parotid ducal obstruction also verify . Tissue biopsy for any changes is required .

Parotid tumor needs FNAC confirmation to plan surgery.

Non invasive test like MRI should be done first.Then FNAC.As a rule all non invasive test should be done before you invade the swelling with a needle

Is it lipoma sir ?

I think MRI will give you answer,don't do any fnac or biopsy, MRI will help for planning.


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Looks like a benign parotid gland tumour. Could be Warthin's Tumour.

Benign hypertrophy of parotid gland ..

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