presenting such type of appearance since 1month having no itching or pain dx and mx

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? Pitted Keratolysis Treatment.. Topically Antibiotics.. like.mupirocin, fusidin,are effective Benzoyl peroxide is another best alternative Good hygiene of feet.. is useful wash with clean water and dry it, keep your feet clean and dry

‘Moccasin’ tinea is extensive hyperkeratotic tinea, in which the skin of the entire sole, heel and sides of the foot is dry but not inflamed. The affected area does not include the top of the foot. This is usually caused by T. rubrum.

Hyperkeratatic Tinea.

Pitted keratysis Orally Azitrhomycin or erythromycin,antifungal oint local application

Pitted keratolysis

Extensive tinea pedis with pitted keratolysis clibdamycin gel daily use 15-20days BD

It is candida infection.Dhobi's Itch.the patient work involve prolong contaCt with water.just vaseline application will do.

Pitted Keratolysis ?

Pitted keratolysis

Kerotolysis Antifungal Oint mupricon bd

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