Primary infertility

Female age 25 yr not conceive since after marriage Married life 1o yr Vitals Normal LMP 6.7.21 Investigations HSA NORMAL HSG NORMAL TSH FSH LH AMH PROLACTIN NORMAL USG SHOWS PCOD Management I have given ovulation induction medicine and inj hmg 15o Done follicular study i hv given inj hcg 5ooo iu on 15 th day of cycle but follicle not rupture Today i hv done USG ...what will be done??



- Hopefully wait & watch - Dominant follicle before triger might have been ruptured and Predominant follicle might become Dominant after HCG - i had gone through such scrutiny and nature had pleased my patient and me too. - So, self TVS follicular study can only justify such possibility with meticulous observation of follicles and free fluid in POD

Thank you doctor

Give inj. HCG 10000 IU

Thanku mam@

@Dr. Suvarchala Pratap @Dr. Gunjan mam plz give ur opinion...

Go test for TORCH TEST, ANA TEST Tab cystolib nutra xod Syp evacare 2tbs xbd Tab levorab dsr x od

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