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Primary peritoneal carcinoma

The following is a case of a Primary peritoneal carcinoma (PPC) with infiltration into the segment 8 of the liver, in a 12 year old female child. Primary peritoneal carcinomatosis is usually staged using PCI. The peritoneal cancer index (PCI) is used to assess the extent of peritoneal cancer throughout the peritoneal cavity. For this purpose, the peritoneal cavity is divided in 13 well-defined regions. In each of the 13 regions, the size of the largest tumor nodule is measure. The PCI is calculated by adding the scores of all 13 regions together with a maximum score of 39 (13×3). Latest advancement in the treatment of these cancers is Cytoreductive Surgery (CRS) with Hyperthermic Intraperitineal Chemotherapy (HIPEC). More on this in detail, soon. @therealfarmanali Stay well, Stay Smart. #docfortmeducation #medicalmentors #medicaleducationservice #medicalstudents #medicaleducation #cancersurgery #hpbsurgery



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It's a wonderful case report sir Not many knows about cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC. It can result in saving of life in so called inoperable cancer patients Paul Sugarbaker was pioneer of this surgery

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