Primi with 9ma severe itching over abdomen n inguinal region

Primi with 9MA severe itching over abdomen n inguinal region extended to thighs since 1 month. hd taken fluconzole antihistamine clotrimazole dustng piwder bt no relief. tt n dx plz



@Dr. Hemant Adhikari Yes agree with you doctor It is Jeerna Dadru. Rx : 1) Aarogyavardhini 60tab + Sutashekhara rasa 60tab + Gandhaka Rasayan 60tab + Triphala guggul 60tab + Punarnava mandur 60tab + Guduchi satva 10gm + Rasamanikya 5gm mix all properly and give 500mg BD with warm water. 2) For local application also can be used the Manashiladi lepa or Karanjabeejadi lepa. 3) Sariva + Musta + Manjishtha + Nimba + Khadira + Patol + Haridra + Daruharidra + Tuvaraka + Udumbara all in equal quantity and make kwath and take twice in a day. 4) Khadirarishta 15ml + Mahamanjishthadi kadha 15ml mix and take with 1 cup of warm water. Panchakarma : Shodhana Virechan by Trivritta Basti by Patol patra kwath and Anuwasana basti by Nimba tail Raktamokshana by Jalauka. Avoid kapha pitta vardhaka aahar vihar strictly.

Thanks for your valuable opinion.... I am not familiar with contraindicated medications in garbhavastha.... Hope i will update my self with you @Dr. Shailendra Mishra sir.....

teania cruise use of the most popular Ayurveda medicine 1 tab Gandhak rasayan vati two bd 2 tab arogay verdhni vati two bd 3 syp khadirarisht 10 ml two times daily 4 sheikh pachan churan one tea spon two times daily 5 ointment surfaz sn use effective part aap bina namak k besan ki rooti khao

Its jeerna Dadru according to ayurveda. Local application of Marichyadi tailam + Panchanimbadi tailam will help in improving.... In this stage i cant suggest Ayurvedic Medicine.... @Dr. Shailendra Mishra please help

Taenia cruris, advised local anti fungal ointment.

thnx dear all drs

tinea corporis

Tinea cruris


treat on line of scabies with secondary infections give her IVORAL FORTE twice a week. .add antifungal itraconazole 100 mg daily atarax 25 mg bd tab azithromycine 500 daily 5 days apply locally calamine lotion

tinea cruris..can treated homeopathicaly...give sulphur 200-od in morning for 5days

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