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A 58 years old male patient, complaining with pain č swelling at umbilical region. Chief Complaints Pain abdo. History NAD Vitals BP 110/70 mmHg Pulse 80bpm R/R 20bpm Temp. 98°F Physical Examination Chest B/L clear Abdo. distended CVS s1 & s2 P Investigations Reports are within normal limits Management Plan for herniorrhaphy


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Umbilical hernia herniorrhaphy Mes repair

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req. other test and investigation adv. shalya karm

Umbilical hernai DD paraumbilical hernai Reducible Hernioraphy

Umbilical hernia Adv USG abdomen to look for ascites Plan for elective surgery preferably meshplasty

Umbilicus is protruded on examination. Check for cough reflex. Extraperitoneal Mesh Repair. Herniorrhaphy is the treatment.

Herniorapphy with Mess repair

Umbilical hernia herniorrhaphy Mes repair

Umbilical hernia Extraperitoneal mesh repair

U.S. Abd to assess the size of the defect. Either open or lap mesh repair will be idel

umbilical hernia... D/s obstructive umbilical hernia... Emergency surgical management...

Protruded umbilicus Umbilical hernia if cough reflex is positive Lipoma if no cough reflex is seen

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